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exhaust fan price in Bangladesh, exhaust fan price in Dhaka
Exhaust Fan price in Bangladesh

Industrial Exhaust Fan Price in Bangladesh

Hammer Type Exhaust Fan is a vital product in companies or any building. It helps by many ways to keep a good environment inside the building such as clean from dust, air flow etc. Know exhaust fan price in Bangladesh also by visiting website.

Fundamental Structure:

Fans basically comprises of edge, motor, frame, protect net, bracing cage, shutters. The engine drives cutting edge to bring about wind stream and louver window can transparent naturally to keep clean from the dust from toward the inside.

Execution and Characteristic

Edge utilizing propelled programmed processing, height exactness. Additional profundity zinc covering frame, corrosion resistance strong and high-quality aluminum amalgam throwing wheel, the sensible point of view of the type, is to achieve the most extreme air flow. High-exactness smaller scale PC helps assembling framework to make the best of it.

MST Heavy Hammer type Exhaust Fan Description:

Products Features:

  1. Fan Frame: made from highly galvanized steel sheets in order to assure highest strength and strong resistance to corrosion.

2) Blade: 6 pieces stainless steel blades and the fan has all passed the experiment of homeostasis with big air volume, without deformation, no breaking, attractive and durable.

3) Belt Pulley: The V type belt pulley is aluminum magnesium alloy injection molded, light weight, high-strength.

4) Bearing: France imported bearing, high intensity, low noise, long service life.

Model specifications Diameter blades- mm Blades rotational speed- rpm Motor rotational speed- rpm Air flow m3/h Total pressure-Pa Noise decibels Import power- W Rated voltage- V High mm Width mm Thick mm
MST(c)-620 500 1400 1400 5700 55 ≤70 250 380 620 620 400


MST(c)-780 710 650 1400 18000 60 ≤60 370 380 780 780 400
MST(c)-800 720 660 1400 20000 60 ≤60 550 380 800 800 400
MST(c)-900 750 630 1400 22000 65 ≤65 550 380 900 900 400
MST(c)-1000 900 610 1400 25000 70 ≤70 750 380 1000 1000 400
MST(c)-1100 1000 600 1400 32500 70 ≤70 750 380 1100 1100 400
MST(c)-1220 1100 460 1400 38000 73 ≤70 750 380 1220 1220 400
MST(c)-1380 1270 439 1400 44000 56 ≤70 1100 380 1380 1380 400
MST(c)-1530 1400 325 1400 55800 60 ≤70 1500 380 1530 1530 400

exhaust fan price in Bangladesh, exhaust fan price in DhakaExhaust Fan price in Bangladesh







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