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The Reasons to Buy MST Series Circulation Fan

Circulation Fan is one of the important products for you. Now it has become very necessary for various reasons. Keep your plants and staff safe from warmth amid the warm summer months. Nursery course fans advance uniform temperature all through you is nursery, frosty casings, high passage, or business stockroom. Enhance plant generation levels, decrease warmth anxiety, take out buildup on dividers and roofs, keep nurseries and structures fresher, and enhance specialist solace with our course fans. Find no 1 supplier of Circulation Fan in Bangladesh(BD) easily from internet. Not only it but also you can know Circulation Fan price in Bangladesh from our website.Here, I have described below about the features of the fan.

Product Description

MSTSeries Circulation fan Description
Products Features:
1)”Haier” brand motor which have been tested more than 360 hours by Hair laboratory
2) International advanced power-saving technology and automatically heat protected system
3) Light weight aluminum punch fan blades with large angle, big wind output and low noise.
4) Outer frame is stainless steel or steel spraying available
5) CAD optimized devised wind output: 840-8700m3/hour.
6) Long life service more than 10 years, etc.

type phrase Rated voltage
Rational speed
wind capacity
TAD40-4 Single phrase 220 50 60 1400 2280 8.5
TAD40-4 Three phrases 380 50 60 1400 2280 8.5
TAD50-4 Single phrase 220 50 350 1400 5700 13
TAD50-4 Three phrases 380 50 350 1400 5700 13

Short Description

Axial Blower Fan

Size : 42”

Motor: 7.5 kw

Blade: 1.5mm – Stainless Steel

Frame:  1.5mm – Galvanized

Steel ( color coated)

Axial Blower Fan

Size : 36”

Motor: 3.5 kw

Blade: 1.5mm – Stainless Steel

Frame:  1.5mm – Galvanized Steel ( color coated)

Axial Blower Fan

Dia – 20”

Motor: 2 kw,BG, China,RPM- 1400

Blade: 1.2mm – Stainless Steel

Frame:  1.2mm ( color coated)

Air Circulation Fan is mostly needed for our company staff or house from warmth. So, to safe from warmth, you can buy air circulation fan from Maa Steel Technology in Bangladesh. Know Circulation Fan price in Dhaka also.


Red, Green, Blue, Voilet


Polyster, COtton Mix


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