The Best Centrifugal Exhaust Fan in Maa Steel Technology

The Centrifugal Exhaust has become very popular for its amazing features. The Radial Rooftop Fumes Fans incorporate both direct and belt-driven fans within reverse slanted diffusive wheels. The fans highlight twofold studded isolators for genuine vibration detachment. The fans are a down blast arrangement and are suitable for rooftop-mounted applications debilitating moderately clean air. Find no 1 Centrifugal Exhaust Fan suppliers in Bangladesh (BD). You can know the Centrifugal Exhaust Fan price in Bangladesh. Here I have described below about the features;

MST Centrifugal Exhaust Fan Description:  

Products Features:

1) Centrifugal system: made of high-quality nylon, high intensity, and long service life.

2) Nylon oriented pole: made of stainless steel, fixed on the flange which can avoid distortion of nylon and guarantee total concentricity of front and back bearing.

3) Adopt one-off molded stainless steel blades, no distortion, no broken, attractive and durable. Pass the homeostasis test to ensure smooth operation, low noise, and long service life. 

4) Handles: designed as recessed type, easy for carrying, transport and have no effect on installation and outlook.

5) High efficient and energy-saving motor with CCC certificate. Protection class: IP55, Insulation class: F. 

Model specifications Diameter blades- mm Blades rotational speed- rpm Motor rotational speed- rpm Air flow m3/h Total pressure-Pa Noise decibels Import power- W Rated voltage- V High mm Width mm Thick mm
MST(d)-1000 900 438 1400 35000 57 ≤65 750 380 1000 1000 450
MST(d)-1100 1000 438 1400 38000 57 ≤65 750 380 1100 1100 450
MST(d)-1380 1250 437 1400 40000 57 ≤65 1100 380 1380 1380 450

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